Pottle Financial Services is a confidential and fiduciary financial advisor.

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A Registered Investment Advisor

Our business is to make you more knowledgeable and more successful with your finances. We do this by forming long term relationships with our clients as we discover your needs, goals, and desires. Our efforts are to make your investments and financial decisions very productive.

We are not obligated to any product, broker, or custodian and thus have the entire financial universe to choose from in making the best choices for you.

As an Investment Advisor we have a fiduciary responsibility to always put your needs first.

We understand the importance of your portfolio to your future success and retirement. Our management team works with your financial objectives to create a personal diversified portfolio that is as productive as possible given the risks appropriate to reach your goals. This is accomplished discreetly with total confidentiality.

Personal Finance
Individuals often desire assistance in discovering exactly where their personal finances are, where their finances need to go, and how to get there. You may need help in the coordination or organization of your holdings. Many times you just want to confidentially solve one or two situations or analyze a specific idea or investment. This spectrum can broadly range from investment consulting to assistance in managing an estate.

Products we can help you with:

Fixed Income
Personal Potfolios
IRAs and 401Ks
Education Savings
Retirement Planning
Financial Planning

Insurance Planning
Alternative Investments
Small Business Consulting


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