We specialize in customized wealth management solutions for families and individuals. We are passionate about making your investment experience as productive and transparent as possible.

Investment Process

We seek to provide a total portfolio return.


We are value managers, always searching for undervalued investments with either good growth prospects or solid dividends.

We use stocks, bonds, mutual funds and cash equivalents in general, and virtually all of our investments are liquid and on the public access markets.

The Importance of ASSET ALLOCATION

The most important aspect of a portfolio is the asset allocation process. Risk cannot be eliminated but proper asset allocation has the best chance of reducing risk.

We incorporate alternative investments and absolute return investments as an integral part of our portfolios, along with the standard equity and fixed income allocations. We recognize flexible bond funds are important today in this changing interest rate environment.

LONG-Term Strategies

To provide clarity into our investment philosophy, we will discuss long-term strategies with our clients and keep them informed about the products we use.

Portfolios are not static and will be changed as deemed necessary; however, we are long-term investors and do not anticipate high volume trading.

We use fundamental, technical and macroeconomic analysis to develop our ideas on individual investments.